Saddle Trial Facility

Saddle Trial

We understand the importance of having a saddle trail facility and are happy to offer this to our customers. Only certain models are available to demo. The Ghost Treeless Saddles are customisable and can be made to your own specific requirements, any saddle that is custom made is non returnable. We do not accept returns on saddles if they have been purchased without discussion on suitability etc for your horse prior to purchase so strongly advice you use our demo facility prior to ordering.

Customers are billed for the cost of the trial (£45) plus shipping to you and a Security Deposit of £200.00 (£300.00 Trekker).  The trial period is for approx 1 week and booked in advance. 

If customer wishes to order a saddle after the trial period, the demo fee of £45 and Security Deposit will be credited back to the customer off their final invoice. Only shipping costs will apply. An additional fee will be charged if there is excess use or damage or wear to the demo saddle when it is returned.  

Terms of Trial:

  1. Saddles trails are paid for, in advance, by PayPal.
  2. The Customer is responsible for the saddle until it is returned safely to us or sent on to the next customers, it must be sent by insured mail or insured courier service. It is important that you assume full responsibility for the saddle condition & safe keeping during the trial period.
  3. The length of the trial is approx 7 days from receipt of saddle. The first week is £45.00, if you require an additional week this must be arranged in advance. The maximum number of weeks allowed for any trial is 2 weeks due to other customers waiting for the saddle. Delivery charges are dependant on location - please contact us in advance for a quote.
  4. Saddles and any accessories must be returned all cleaned and free of dirt and hair. If the saddle or accessories are returned with excessive wear and tear including scratches and dents to the leather or excessive marking on girth straps or flaps we will have to make a further surcharge of the saddles value to cover this damage.  
  5. IMPORTANT - We request that you send us photographs of your horse (side on view, head up and full horse in the picture, front view and rear/overhead view) both with and without the saddle on BEFORE you go out for a ride, we want to ensure the saddle is fitted correctly prior to you riding.  If you are in any doubt on the fitting or suitability of the saddle, then we advice you contact a saddle fitter to come and help you. We can not offer you fitting advice if we have not received photographs so please ensure these are sent prior to riding in the saddle.  

Please contact us to arrange a trial, We can send saddles out to any location throughout the UK and France. We  also have Agents and Associates who may have demo facilities in your area.