Cavallin Crusader

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Ghost Saddles

CAVALLIN Treeless Saddles, designers and manufacturers of the innovative Ghost treeless saddle, are proud to introduce two exciting new models, the Crusader and the Heritage.


Way back in the year 1990, Camillo Cavallin acquired his name as one of the original designers of the modern-day treeless saddles, including the Torsion saddles. From the start, Camillo made it his mission to turn an ancient principal into contemporary saddles that put the comfort and welfare of horse and rider first. Over the years, his continuous research and development of the highly acclaimed Ghost saddles earned him a remarkable reputation. Still the leading light at Ghost, he has now dedicated his name to his personal twenty-first century brand of treeless saddles; the Cavallin range.

The design and features of the Crusader, the first in this new range, will delight lovers of treeless saddles. It will inspire riders looking for solutions to fitting and comfort problems often found with treed saddles.

Imagine a saddle that adapts to the rider’s personal requirements and preferences, one which makes no compromise on the horse or rider’s comfort. Imagine a treeless saddle that looks and feels like a treed saddle thanks to its flowing shape and hidden pommel, with the bonus of a deliciously soft seat that rides like a dream. Imagine a design that has been extensively tested and refined to remove lateral instability - a widespread defect in treeless saddles. You are imagining the Crusader.

To enhance rider comfort further, the Crusader has been designed with a narrow twist, eliminating over-stretch at the pelvis, particularly important for female riders. The design pays attention to the different riding styles, incorporating a Velcro pad stirrup attachment that adapts to the rider’s preferred leg position. The Crusader even offers two sizes of mounted Velcro knee-pads, ensuring optimum security and ease.

Thick, adjustable panels lift the saddle away from the horse’s spine and withers, eradicating pressure points. The horse, free from restriction or discomfort, moves with elasticity and improved impulsion. And for further spinal protection during heavy stirrup use, or for riders using the two-point seat, the stirrups can attach to the bottom of the saddle-flaps, thereby spreading weight between two areas.

  • Hidden pommel.
  • Soft seat.
  • Laterally stable.
  • Narrow twist.
  • Adaptable Velcro pad for stirrup attachment.
  • Two sizes of Velcro knee-pads.
  • Thick, adjustable panels.
  • Alternative attachments for stirrups at the bottom of the saddle-flaps.

Leather is a natural product and every batch may differ slightly in texture and colour, particularly brown. Please note; colours may look different on the computer screen from reality. Oiled leather is sensitive to scratches: clean then apply a drop of oil or leather-balm to affected areas.

Price is for saddle only. Available in Soft Oiled Nubuck, Italian leather, Nubuck or Synthetic Materials. Each saddle is made to the customer’s specific requirements, therefore allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Please check dates/availability before placing an order.