Treeless Saddle Advisory Service

Saddle advisory and fitting is a specialised service for which we are regularly in demand. Our priority is obviously to Equine Whispers clients purchasing treeless saddles directly from us, but due to the volume of requests from the public who have purchased saddles second-hand, we now offer an on-line treeless-saddle fitting service for a fee of £45.00.

This service includes an initial appraisal and follow-up telephone/Skype consultation on receipt of your information and pictures (requirements noted below). We then write up and send you a comprehensive summary of our fitting advice and comments via email.

Our guidance is based on many years of experience, and extensive knowledge of treeless saddles. However, the nature of distance-fitting has its limitations. It would be unprofessional to claim an accurate fit without being present to judge the more subtle but complex and significant rider and horse reactions. Neither can we assess gradual changes in action and freedom of movement, or muscular comfort, which requires tactile evaluation. Please note, it is impossible to assess the fit of a saddle without seeing the rider mounted and working the horse in all three paces. If in doubt, we strongly advise employing the on-site services of a professional saddle fitter familiar with treeless saddle-fitting.

Our fee includes up to 2 hours’ consultation by telephone/Skype and/or the written summary. Further consultations are fixed at £15 per 15 minutes.