CAVALLIN Treeless Saddles, designers and manufacturers of the innovative Ghost treeless saddle, are proud to introduce two exciting new models, the Crusader and the Heritage.

Way back in the year 1990, Camillo Cavallin acquired his name as one of the original designers of the modern-day treeless saddles, including the Torsion saddles. From the start, Camillo made it his mission to turn an ancient principal into contemporary saddles that put the comfort and welfare of horse and rider first. Over the years, his continuous research and development of the highly acclaimed Ghost saddles earned him a remarkable reputation. Still the leading light at Ghost, he has now dedicated his name to his personal twenty-first century brand of treeless saddles; the Cavallin range.

The design and features of the Crusader, the first in this new range, will delight lovers of treeless saddles. It will inspire riders looking for solutions to fitting and comfort problems often found with treed saddles.