Trekker Pony Talent

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Trekker Pony Talent
Trekker Flexible Saddles

The Pony Talent is a fully adaptable treeless saddle. With independently adjustable panels, variable seat size and a modifiable pommel width, this saddle adapts to the most diverse shapes of horse, as well as horse/rider combinations. 

Developed in collaboration with veterinary surgeons, physiotherapists and experienced endurance riders, the Trekker is a fully adaptable treeless saddle. With individually adjustable panels and seat sizes, along with a fully adjustable pommel width, the Trekker adapts perfectly to most horses.

Luxuriously soft and comfortable for the horse and rider, and supremely elegant. 

All Trekkers are flexible between the pommel and the cantle, therefore able to mirror the contour of the horse's back under the rider's weight. Multi-Layer Structure®, made of natural cotton and innovative Trekker Soft Foams, ensures the saddle fits all types of horse backs. 

The underside has thick, adjustable panels, secured by wide Velcro strips. The panels are completely flexible and adapt to the horse’s shape. Thanks to these panels and designed reinforcements, the Trekker sits clear of horse’s spine, leaving it free from pressure. 

The specially constructed adjustable pommel allows easy adjustment to the width of the saddle, from narrow to extra wide.

Adjustable pommel width

Adjustable seat size

The Trekker fits most types of horse, including those with prominent withers. Excellent features on the Trekker include:

  • Two distinct stirrup-bars on both sides for individual position requirements
  • Adjustable Seat Size between 
  • Adjustable pommel width, fitting most horses from narrow to extra wide.
  • Superior flexibility.
  • Generous space arcing around the withers.
  • Superior quality, German leather
  • Each saddle has a unique serial number for ease of tracing in the unfortunate event of theft.

Pony Luxus Measurements:

Length of the adjustable panels is: 35 cm

Distance between the pommel and the cantle at maximum size: 37 cm

Measurement from centre seam (underside) to bottom of skirt is approx 42cm

The seat size is adjustable between 14–16". 

Weight about 4 kg.

An even smaller version is available at request for miniature horses and mini ponies.

The Trekker rides with all the comfort and safety of a Stock Saddle. Its special style and cut is designed for riders who prefer riding with a long leg. However, the saddle rides just as well with short stirrup leathers.

The Trekker is ideal for:

  • Endurance & Long Distance Riding
  • Dressage
  • Trekking
  • Jumping lower obstacles.
  • Young horses and horses that change musculature through training or fitness-fluctuation.



Three colour options: Black, Havana, two-tone Black-Brown

Other colours at request + 30 €: Rally, Red Pepper, Blues, Emerald.

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