The New Ghost Saddle is the result of an extraordinary concept that has brought treeless saddles into the twenty-first Century. Completely redesigned by a team of leading experts in treeless saddles, the New Ghost is lightweight, breathable, easy to fit and adjust, and affordable!

Archaeological and pictorial proof shows we have been riding horses for possibly four thousand years. In the beginning, saddles did not exist; riders mounted their horses bareback, or at best, made use of lambskin or wool blankets to increase comfort. The earliest known treeless saddles, used in the Middle East from around 700BC, were little more than double-pads held in place with rudimentary girths, breast-straps and cruppers. Always a status symbol, these original saddles were often finished with elaborately decorated cloths.

Treed saddles made their debut approximately 500 years later in China, during the Han Dynasty. These saddles were made of a solid tree, covered with felt. In the west, evidence shows the Romans using treed saddles from around 100BC. However, neither of these early treed saddles had stirrups. Although the Indians invented a basic form of stirrup during the 2nd Century BC, the Nomadic riders of Northern China are thought to be the inventors of the modern stirrup, around 300AD.

By the Middle Ages, horses were a formidable battle asset, and saddles evolved with high pommels and cantles to keep their knights secure. From thereon, saddles underwent design adjustments according to the role of the horse, resulting in today’s large available range.

Why choose the New Ghost Saddle?

Ghost Saddles are an ancient idea combined with high tech materials and unbeatable craftmanship. Made in Italy, using traditional quality Italian leather, their ultra-lightweight and breathable design offers stability and comfort to both horse and rider. The New Ghost Saddle’s design makes it the perfect choice for schooling, dressage and training, as well as pleasure riding and longer trail rides.

Although we recommend a rider-weight limit of 80kg, do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion if you exceed this threshold; good balance and adequate padding can compensate for those extra kilos. Many Endurance riders are having great success with the Ghost saddle. However, we recommend a suitable Endurance numnah and, as with any saddle for this discipline, regular saddle-checks for distances over 40km.

Please contact us for all enquiries prior to ordering. Ghost Saddles are custom made, so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Please check dates before placing your order to avoid disappointment.

We are Distributors for the UK and France, if you are outside these countries please visit to find your local Agent.  

**Please note that prices will fluctuate at any given time due to the changes in exchange rates - our prices are set by our Manufacturers who are based in the EU.**